Exo Chair with Split Pedal
Exo Chair with Split Pedal
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Exo Chair with Split Pedal

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The EXO® Chair from Balanced Body® delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout. Pilates Chair workouts are the ultimate for strength-building.

Originally designed by Joseph Pilates as a compact workout system for New York City apartments, Chair workouts enhance stability, balance and body control. The focus on upper and lower body strength and conditioning makes the Chair a superb tool for athletes.

The most compact, durable Pilates chair on the market, the EXO is also lightweight and easy to move and store, with a 40% smaller footprint than competitive products when storing six chairs.

Now you can add in a Functional Resistance Kit that lets you both push and pull ! This gives you a host of new exercises not possible with any other chair — including many that could previously be done only on a Reformer — and offers a challenging cardio/aerobic workout. Great for group classes, personal training sessions and at home, for users of all levels.


  • Designed for group programming: compact, durable and portable!
  • Lightweight and easily carried and/or stacked by one person.
  • Simple set-up, no assembly required.
  • Comfortable seat with custom stability padding, covered by the finest US-made upholstery.
  • Comfortable, padded pedal. Non-slip surface for maximum safety.
  • Spring changes are fast and safe with our Cactus Resistance System. Easy adjustments from front or back of chair, with easy-grip cloth tabs.
  • Widest range of resistance for any single-pedal chair up to 83lbs. Two springs (black/heavy) are adjustable to 8 resistances and provide 28% more useable resistance than other chairs.
  • Split and single pedal options available.
  • Dowel included with split pedal option for conversion to single pedal.
  • Heavier resistance than competitive products.
  • Deep, wide and comfortable sitting area.
  • Exclusive Cactus Resistance System features a springtree that makes spring changes simple, fast and safe.
  • Two springs (black), adjustable to combinations of 20 resistance settings.
  • Padded top.
  • Stock upholstery: black.